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All children require a safe, supportive and loving home, offering emotional warmth, consistent and predictable parenting, to allow them to reach their full potential.  We at Origins Foster Care strive to  “make life better for a child in Care”.

At Origins we recognise the invaluable role played by our foster carers in sharing their lives with the children in their care. We ensure that our foster carers are fully trained and provided with real and practical supports at every step.  We provide a high level of training based on the most up to date research in child development, attachment and trauma. We have access to highly trained specialists to help and support both the Foster Carers and the Child in Care.

We provide real, easily, readily, accessible and practice support to our foster carers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide a Weekly Fostering (non means tested) Allowance to financially support the placement.

We are currently looking to assess and train people / families in the Donegal area to become foster carers. If you would like to find out more about fostering, the assessment process and to hear first hand from one of our current foster carers, join is on Thursday 24th March @7pm online.

Donegal is often referred to as “Up here it is different” unfortunately to-day Donegal is no different to the rest of Ireland, with numbers rising, foster care placements are required as a matter of urgency.

The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and as we know Donegal is renowned for it’s community spirit, community initiatives and providing services to support our children and young people to help them develop.

Would you consider opening up your home to a children or children, offering that safe, secure environment to meet their needs?  If so, please contact Eithne 087 0529749





Origins Covid-19 Announcement

We are continuing to operate the fostering service within the Government guidelines.

We are working to protect all our employees, foster carers and children in our service.

Our service is fully operational.