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Did you know that lots of people think they can’t foster because they’re part of the LGBTQI+ community?

At Origins Foster Care, we strive to make fostering inclusive for everyone. That’s why we look at the individual and whether they have the qualities that a good foster carer should have, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.  Our team at Origins provide support to all of our foster carers and children, including members of the LGBT community. We know that LGBT fostering can bring to light many questions and concerns and we’re here to help provide an answer so you can start your fostering journey.

That’s why we would like to invite you to join us on June 23rd as part of Pride Month to find out more about fostering with Origins. If you have ever considered fostering, then now is the time to explore the possibilities further.

Many myths surround LGBTQI fostering, the most prevalent being that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people cannot foster at all.  As long as you can provide a caring, safe home for a foster child and meet the foster carer requirements, your gender or sexual orientation does not affect your ability to foster. Diversity is essential when it comes to fostering and providing foster carers in the LGBTQI community with equal opportunity is of utmost importance at Origins Foster Care.

When it comes to LGBTQI fostering, as long as you have all the qualities that make a good foster carer, your fostering journey can begin. Here are just some of the qualities it takes to be a foster carer:

  • Open Minded
  • Flexible
  • Embrace learning
  • Empathetic
  • You must be over 25 – no upper age limit
  • You must have a spare bedroom
  • Full Driving Licence
  • Financially stable

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To register your interest text or call 087 0529749 or email

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